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It begins with you.


Our Chapter Objectives


We are heart patient and caregiver volunteers, adults young and old, providing support and hope to patients and their caregivers from the diagnosis of heart disease through treatment and beyond.


Mended Hearts

The Bellingham Chapter of Mended Hearts normally meets monthly to offer support and information to all heart patients in our community.  Our speakers are cardiologists, heart surgeons, nutritionists, and other health care professionals who offer insights into improving our heart health. 


For more information please go to our Contact Page to send a message or contact our message line at 360-788-6928.

From Our

Chapter President,

Dianna Konrad


It’s Spring.  Everything is New…Again.

It’s Spring and nature is renewing itself.  Trees are blossoming.  Spring flowers are showing off their blooms.  Fresh mown grass glistens with the morning dew and it smells wonderful.  Even the rain has a more gentle patter on the deck.

Spring is also the time to plant our favorite vegetables and herbs, maybe with the help of children and grandchildren.  Spring brings so much anticipation of the year to come.  There is hope for everything everywhere.


We can use Spring as an example in our lives.  It is a time to renew our own growth as people.  We can begin by planting our life seeds for the year.  The seeds might be taking a long walk.  Reading a book.  Trying a new project.  Building a new planter.  Enjoying a sunrise or sunset.  And maybe the best seed of all is taking inventory of all the good things in our lives.  With some care and nurturing, growing our life seeds can help us make our year blossom with renewed growth and hope for the year.

So, take a deep breath in and enjoy the season.  Our world is new again for another year.


Young Mended Hearts


Since April, 2015, we've been inviting all young heart patients (18 to 55) and their families to join other young heart patients and their families for an informal monthly get-together to discuss the common issues, challenges and successes of being a young heart patient.​

Please join us.  Follow us on Facebook!

    Young Mended Hearts of NorthWest Washington


For more information about Young Mended Hearts, please contact Peter Kilcline at

or Dianna Konrad at

Are You Having Open Heart
Surgery Soon?

Before You Do, Would You Like to Talk with
Someone Who Has?

You can get information and questions answered about what it’s like to go through open heart surgery by watching this video featuring two Mended Heart volunteers who share their experiences as open heart surgery patients.  You can also speak with either of these volunteers by contacting them through our “Contact” page.

Our sincere thanks to PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center for their encouragement and production of this video. 


Together, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and Mended Hearts Bellingham are making a difference in our community by supporting heart patients and their caregiver families.  These efforts have been acknowledged by the international headquarters of The Mended Hearts, Inc., Albany, GA, with the following awards:

Marilynn Huffman

2023 Western Region Volunteer of the Year

Dianna Konrad

2020 Western Region Volunteer of the Year

PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s Medical Center

2018 National Hospital of the Year


PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s Medical Center

2017 Regional Hospital of the Year


PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s Medical Center

2016 Regional Hospital of the Year


Mended Hearts, Bellingham

2015 President’s Cup Award

For outstanding service in our community


PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s Medical Center

2014 Regional Hospital of the Year

The Western Region of Mended Hearts chapters includes the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii


Bequests and Gifts

We sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity behind the bequests and gifts given to our chapter.  This helps us remember and honor those special people while continuing our promise to support all heart patients and their families in our community.


The Ingram Family, Shirley McCraw, The Bishop Family and The Dircks Family, all close friends of Charlie Heinemann and his family, have made a generous gift to our Mended Hearts chapter in memory of John Heinemann.

Scott Swanson presented a generous gift to our Mended Hearts chapter as a bequest from the estate of his parents, Philip and Joyce Swanson.

The estate of Stephen James Brewster made a significant donation to the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation in honor of Mended Hearts, Bellingham.  A cath lab patient room in St. Joseph’s Cardiovascular Center will be named:

Stephen James Brewster

In Honor of Mended Hearts


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