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About Mended Hearts


Mended Hearts Bellingham WA – Chapter 382


c/o Volunteer Services

2901 Squalicum Parkway

Bellingham, WA 98225




Telephone Message Line: 360-788-6928



Our Goal

We are heart patient and caregiver volunteers who provide support and hope to heart patients and their families, from the diagnosis of heart disease through treatment and beyond.  Our chapter works in concert with PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, including the Cardiovascular Center and the Cardiothoracic Surgery office. 


In addition to our original group, we have a Young Mended Hearts group (18 - 55) that specifically supports young heart patients and their families.  They come together to share common issues, challenges and the successes of being young heart patients. 


Our Bellingham chapter is part of a non-profit, national organization established in 1951, with 20,000 volunteers in 300 chapters working with more than 450 hospitals and cardiovascular rehabilitation clinics.

Officers and Board of Directors

Marilynn Huffman........Interim President

Susan VaughAn...........Vice President

Larry Irwin..................Treasurer

Tammy Longstaff*.......Interim Secretary

Marilynn Huffman

      Chairperson Membership

      Past President

      Young Mended Hearts

Peter Kilcline*

      Board of Directors


Dianna Konrad

      Chairperson Public Relations

      President Young Mended Hearts


      Newsletter Editor

Howard Milewski

      Chairperson PreOp Escorts

Brad Yeung

      Chairperson Visiting and Training

      Emailing/Postal Mailing Coordinator

*Young Mended Hearts

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