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We Have a Meeting Just for You!

Under this tab you will find information about three different types of meetings our chapter sponsors.  Each is designed with a specific purpose.  Please tap on the drop down menu for information about these upcoming meetings.


Regular Mended Hearts meetings are for all heart patients and those who care for them.  They are for everyone and every age.  These meetings focus specifically on educational information with time to meet others for individual conversations.


Young Mended Hearts meetings are specifically for heart patients and their families (young adult to 55).  These meetings are more informal and are meant to be a platform for discussion.


Our Caregiver Group is just beginning.  Caregivers are often the unsung heroes for heart patients who might need some support themselves.  Please contact the group to find meeting times.


Pick the meeting that best meets your needs and join us.  We think you will be happy you did.

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