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Welcome to our Mended Hearts Video Library
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We have always been a huge advocate of educating our membership and our community about heart issues and heart health.  We have been fortunate to have many heart related professionals in our community speak to our group.  We realize not everyone is able to attend every meeting so we have made efforts to record each meeting so people can not only see them for the first time, but also watch them again as a reference if needed.


Now we are excited to introduce you to our chapter's new video library.  This library contains many of our archival meetings dating back to 2014.   Some of this information is timeless and can be used to learn more about specific subjects related to our hearts.  


To make it easy for you to watch these videos, we've created an easy to use series of one click links.  


If you would like to view the latest meeting, simply click here:  Chronological


If you would like to view meetings by your favorite speaker, simply click here:  Speaker


If you are interested in a specific subject, simply click here:  Category


In addition, each month, you can catch up on what’s happening within our chapter, simply click on  Chapter News. This short video is not archived, but is available for the month.


The Video library is updated with the latest videos a few days after the monthly meeting.

Although all the videos are listed, you will notice they are not all available today.  There are older DVDs that are still being converted to our new video format.  Please check back to see if they've been added.


If you see a meeting you really like and feel it would be helpful to someone you know, send them the link to our website or have them search for "Mended Hearts Bellingham WA".  Once on our website they simply click on the Video Library tab and the rest is easy.  


Now anyone can go to our website from anywhere in the world and get the same great heart related information we get to learn about at our meetings. 


From our chapter goes special thanks to Bradley Yeung who currently records all our meetings.  He has spent countless hours assembling this list and converting earlier DVDs so they could be viewed with today’s formatting.

Bradley asked that we dedicate our video library to Jim Huffman who first began recording the meetings in 2014.  He recorded meetings until 2019 when Covid began.  Jim’s idea was that no one should miss the information just because they couldn’t make it to a meeting.  He created a DVD library from which anyone could borrow his recordings of meetings.  We are continuing Jim’s campaign to make heart information available to everyone.  It’s a great legacy for someone who was a really great guy.

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